City Encourages Specific Locations for Open Lands Tree Decorating

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Areas are approved on both Mt Helena and Mt Ascension.

HELENA, Mont. – With the holiday season here, the City of Helena Open Lands team is preparing for the return of tree decorating on Mount Helena and Mount Ascension. This year the Open Lands division is introducing a more structured approach to the community activity. The City is asking residents to utilize one of two designated locations for tree decorating, with some important guidelines to follow:

  • Decorations should not include glass ornaments or tinsel.
  • Biodegradable decorations, like dried cranberries, are highly encouraged.
  • All decorations should be removed by January 8, 2023.

The City has established approved locations on both Mount Helena and Mount Ascension. Orange flags have been placed on trees that are authorized to decorate in those areas. Please click on the links (below) to view maps of the approved tree decorating areas.

Click Here to View Mount Ascension Map

Click Here to View Mount Helena Map

The approved trees are strategically located in areas that are easily accessible, which is intended to help with cleanup efforts. Last year more than 30 trees were decorated on Helena’s open lands, with many ultimately being cleaned up by City staff. The open lands team hopes that this new approach will allow the community to continue with this growing tradition, while minimizing the negative impact on wildlife and nature, as well as burdening staff.

Any questions about the City’s tree decorating efforts can be direct to the Parks, Recreation and Open Lands office at 406-447-8463.

Mount Helena with snow