City Launches New Fire Inspection Software

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Commercial building owners will submit data using the system.

HELENA, Mont. — The Helena Fire Department has partnered with a web-based inspection tracking system to manage the department’s Fire Prevention Bureau activities. The new system will be used to track fire and life safety resources - such as fire alarms, sprinklers, and extinguishers - in occupied commercial buildings.  

“The Helena Fire Department is pleased to provide this new resource to our community,” says Fire Marshal, Lou Antonick. “In addition to helping increase code enforcement, this system is designed to create safer communities. All of Helena will benefit from having this tool part of our daily operation.”

The system, Inspection Reports Online, was developed to address the challenges faced by Fire Departments across the country regarding fire and life safety system inspection, testing, and maintenance, and overall system performance. It also helps ensure compliance with National Fire Protection Association standards because of its record management capabilities.

“The City of Helena is committed to providing its residents with the best safety systems and protocols we can,” says Fire Chief, Jon Campbell. “I am confident this system will be a valuable investment for the City.”

The Fire Department launched the new platform on July 26. Commercial Building Owners in Helena will be required to submit data in the new system as part of the City’s Fire Inspection process. Any questions about the new platform should be directed to the Helena Fire Department’s Fire Prevention Bureau.

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