Latex Paint Exchange Coming to Transfer Station

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The event offers a way to recycle usable paint.

The City of Helena Recycling office will host a Latex Paint exchange at the Transfer Station, starting in late September. Anyone participating in the event must be a residential permit holder. Paint from businesses or commercial haulers will not be accepted.


From September 23-30, residential permit holders can drop off usable latex paint at the Transfer Station during regular business hours. Oil base paint, solvents and other liquids will not be accepted at the Latex Paint Drop-off. Outside of the drop-off event, paint and solvents must be solidified in sand, dirt, or kitty litter for disposal.


Paint that is received through the drop-off, will be distributed during a pick-up event in mid-October. From October 10-14, permit holders will be allowed to stop by the Transfer Station and take paint, while supplies last.

For additional information, please call 406-447-8084.

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