Engineering Division

The city engineering division is responsible for a variety of tasks, some of which are listed here:

  • Location of water and sewer mains
  • Infrastructure Development Review
  • Construction Project Management
  • Record Management (utility location, street records, GIS, storm drainage)


Contact an Engineer

Contact an Engineer

City Engineer    Jamie Clarkjclark@helenamt.gov447-8098  
Civil EngineerVacant  
Storm Water EngineerVacant  
Development Services EngineerVacant  
Civil/Transportation EngineerMark Youngmyoung@helenamt.gov447-8099
Senior Engineering TechnicianAdam Jorgenson  ajorgenson@helenamt.gov447-8586
Senior Engineering Technician   Marty Bindembinde@helenamt.gov447-8431
Engineering TechnicianTyson Lesmeistertlesmeister@helenamt.gov447-8095
Engineering TechnicianAaron Spreieraspreier@helenamt.gov457-8440


Engineering Standards

Engineering Standards Final
(This file is 4.4MB)

The Engineering Standards are design standards for new infrastructure that is proposed to be part of the City of Helena’s over all infrastructure systems.  There are design standards for streets, water, sewer, and storm water.  The intention of these standards is to combine current ordinances, city policy, state permit, state requirements, and best engineering practices to achieve predictability for the review process, maintain compliance with permits and consistency of the systems.

Draft 2022 Engineering Standars Update





Basemap_-_Existing__-_C3D.dwt 1,002 KB 23.10.2019 14:36
Basemap_-_Proposed_-_C3D.dwt 843 KB 23.10.2019 14:36
COVER_SHEET.dwt 1 MB 23.10.2019 14:36
DETAIL_SHEET.dwt 632 KB 23.10.2019 14:36
GENERAL_SHEET.dwt 892 KB 23.10.2019 14:36
PLAN_PROFILE_SHEET.dwt 1,000 KB 23.10.2019 14:36
PLAN_SHEET.dwt 993 KB 23.10.2019 14:36
PLANSTACKED_SHEET.dwt 999 KB 23.10.2019 14:36

Plot Style

GWE.stb 744 B 23.10.2019 14:36


acad.lin 19 KB 23.10.2019 14:36
acad.mln 2 KB 23.10.2019 14:36
ltypeshp.shx 130 B 23.10.2019 14:36


STANDARD_BLOCKS.dwg 2 MB 23.10.2019 14:36

CAD Standards

20180117-CAD_Standard.pdf 54 KB 23.10.2019 14:36

Sidewalk Improvement Program

Is your sidewalk in disrepair? The City of Helena can help.

The sidewalk improvement program helps property owners add sidewalks where missing or replace old and damaged sidewalks. The City consolidates all the sidewalk projects into one bid, which helps keep installation costs low. The City offers a 0% interest loan that is repaid via the property owner's annual tax bill over 10 years.

Want more information about this program? Call 406-304-1830.