911 Communications Center

The 911 Communication Center provides emergency communications to three law enforcement agencies, three ambulance services and sixteen fire departments as well as a hand-full of state and federal agencies.  On an annual basis the Communication Center generates sixty-six thousand calls for service, receives twenty-six thousand 9-1-1 calls and process over one hundred and twenty-six thousand non-emergent telephone calls.  The Communication Center operates 24/7/365 and is staffed by fourteen full-time telecommunicators, one full-time operations manager, and one full-time projects manager. It’s a multi-disciplinary communication facility where the telecommunicators play a dual role of call-taking and dispatching.

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Burn Permit

Burn Permit

How do I activate my burn permit?

To activate online, click HERE 

  1. Activation by telephone, please call the automated service at 1-877-453-BURN (2876)
  2. Please note, when activating a burn permit it is only active for a single day.  Should you wish to burn for consecutive days you must reactivate your permit for each day you intend to burn.
  3. When entering a start and stop time for your burn it is important to be as accurate as possible to avoid potential deployment of fire department personnel.

Register at SMART 911 to Receive Emergency Notifications

Creating a SMART 911™ safety profile is the gateway to receiving emergency notifications from city and county public safety officials.  Your profile is private and secure. Once the profile is created, the user can voluntarily add as much or as little information as their comfort allows.  At a minimum, a physical address and a telephone number are two essential components to receiving targeted emergency alerts.  Accessing your profile and refreshing it every six months is vital to keeping your data up to date.  Waiting for the next crisis to occur is usually too late to start the registration process.  Being prepared is the key.  

Click HERE and sign up today to create your public safety profile to receive emergency alerts.

*911 Dispatch Center Location: 

The 911 Dispatch Center is located at 3425 Skyway Drive. This is geographically located 1.5 miles east of Helena's Regional Airport. The center is co-located with the Rocky Mountain Emergency Services Training Center.