Fire Prevention, Investigation & Safety

The Fire Prevention Bureau consists of the Fire Marshal, Deputy Fire Marshal, and a Fire Inspector. The Prevention Bureau is responsible for fire code enforcement, fire investigation, and public fire safety education.

The Prevention Bureau conducts periodic fire and life safety inspections of buildings in the city in accordance with the International Fire Code, conducts fire cause and origin investigations, and provides public fire safety education and training for the community.

Fire Safety Policies


We provide fire and life-safety education for all ages. The majority of our public education programs consist of: Fire Prevention Week activities, Hotel/Motel Safety Classes, Food Service Safety Classes, and Fire Extinguisher Classes. The department is also actively developing public service announcement videos, which you can view below.

Home Fire Safety

Home Safety Resources

Home Safety Resources

  • Smoke Alarm Installation & Maintenance Tips (PDF)
  • Fireplace, Woodstove, and Chimney Safety (PDF)
  • Helena Citizen Evacuation Plan (PDF)
  • NFPA Fire Escape Planning (PDF)
  • Escape Planning (PDF)
  • Escape Planning Grid (PDF)
  • Home Fire Safety Inspection Checklist (PDF)
  • Evacuation Plan Resources (PDF)
  • After the Fire, Returning to Normal (PDF)

Wildfire Safety

Wildfire Safety Resources

Wildfire Safety Resources

    Fire Prevention and Safety

    Fire Prevention and Safety Resources

    Fire Prevention and Safety Resources

    • Burn Prevention for Children (PDF)
    • Burn Prevention for Adults (PDF)
    • Holiday Fire Safety  (PDF)
    • Senior Fire Safety (PDF)
    • Guidelines for Burning within the City of Helena (PDF)
    • National Fire Protection Agency
    • Red Flag Warnings
      • The National Weather Service issues red flag warnings when temperatures are high, humidity is very low, and strong winds are expected to combine to produce an increased risk of fire danger. Red flag warnings will be issued by the Great Falls office of the National Weather Service. Click Here to NWS Website

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     General Administration  406-447-8472
     Fire Marshal Lou Antonick 406-558-9386 

     Deputy Fire Marshal  




     Fire Inspector

     Kurt Sheehan 


    Emergency Planning


    Emergencies often happen with no warning. It is important that you are prepared to respond quickly and responsibly. Please take time to review the City of Helena's Evacuation Map (below) to help you prepare for an emergency. It is important that you have an evacuation plan, practice that plan, and review it each year.


    Creating a SMART 911™ safety profile is the gateway to receiving emergency notifications from city and county public safety officials.  Once the profile is created, you can add as much or as little information as you want. Being prepared is the key. Click HERE and sign up today to create your public safety profile to receive emergency alerts.