Request for Proposals

Department of Finance

The City of Helena is soliciting Proposals from Respondents for a new software system, or combination of software systems, environments to address the City’s needs related to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and the professional services necessary to implement that system(s).

The overall goal of this project is to take advantage of the newest technology and harness efficiencies by reviewing business processes or implementing technology to enhance existing business processes performed by City departments. 

All questions concerning the RFP must be submitted via email only to BerryDunn (Kate Offerdahl-Joyce –  Should a Respondent experience problems downloading the solicitation, contact (Tyler Weingartner –

The following RFP Schedule of Events represents the best estimate of the schedule the City will follow, which is subject to change at the City’s discretion. If a component of the schedule is accelerated or delayed, it shall be anticipated that the remaining components may also be adjusted by a similar number of days via RFP Addendum prior to the submittal deadline. 

View RFP Specifications (PDF)
View RFP Amendment 1 (PDF)
View RFP Addendum No. 1 (PDF)
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Table 02: RFP Schedule of Events